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Dish Washing (High Temperature)
Blitz Liquid Detergent 20 lt
Blitz 205 Liquid Detergent (drum) 205 lt
Magic Pak Powdered Detergent 22.7 kg
Paragon 4 Solid Detergent Capsule 4x8 lb
Final Touch Gold High Temperature Rinse Aid 20 lt
DISH WASHING (Low Temperature)
X-Treme Liquid Detergent 20 lt
Premium Liquid Detergent 20 lt
Commander Undercounter Dish Detergent 4x4 lt
Final Touch Low Temperature Rinse Aid 20 lt
Chlorine Sani Sanitizer 12% 20 lt
Chlorine Sani 205 Sanitizer 12% (drum) 205 lt
Commander Glass Washing Detergent 4x4 lt
Final Touch Rinse Aid 4x4 lt
Final Touch Special Cold Water Rinse Aid 4x4 lt
Chlorine Sanitizer Sanitizer 12% 4x4 lt
Long John Cutlery Pre-Soak Powder 10 kg
Silver Soak 1000 Pre-Soak Solid Concentrate 2x5 lb
Radiant Liquid Pre-Soak 4x4 lt
VIP Pink Pot & Pan Detergent 20 lt
VIP Pink Pot & Pan Detergent 2x4 lt
Pot & Pan 1000 Solid Concentrated Capsule 2x5 lb
Dish Bryte Economy Pot & Pan Detergent 4x4 lt
MW-77 Antibac Soap Antibacterial Foam Soap 4x1000 ml
MW-80 Foam Soap Foaming Hand Soap (scented) 4x1000 ml
Celebrity Blue Hand/Body Lotion Soap 4x4 lt
White Pearl Executive Hand Soap 4x4 lt
Quick Clean Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 4x4 lt
Citrus Germicidal Disinfectant 4x4 lt
Combat Odour Counteractant 4x4 lt
T-Cell Air Freshener Refills 6x48 ml
Bowlmaster Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12x1 lt
Simon Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser 4x4 lt
KS2500 Oven & Griddle Cleaner 12x1 lt
Magic Clean All Purpose Neutral pH Cleaner 4x4 lt
Mist & Wipe Glass/Window Cleaner 2x4 lt
D-Limer Deliming Solution 2x4 lt
Sani-Q 200 Quaternary Sanitizer 4x4 lt
Q-San Quaternary Sanitizer RTU 4x4 lt
Citrus Germicidal Disinfectant 2x4 lt
Citrasol Automatic Vent Cleaner 4x4 lt
Stainless Stainless Steel Polish 12x20 oz
Brasso Copper & Brass Cleaner 12x142 ml
Freezer Kleen Freezer Kleen-30C 4x4 lt
Liquid Enzyme Drain & Grease Trap Treatment 20 lt
Liquid Enzyme Drain & Grease Trap Treatment 12x1 lt
Terminator Grease Trap Emulsifier 20 lt
Drainmaster Drain Opener 12x32 oz
Superkleen Pine Oil Floor Soap 20 lt
Deep Clean Metabolic Enzyme Floor Soap 20 lt
Magic Clean All Purpose Neutral pH Cleaner 4x4 lt
Fast Strip Floor Stripper/Wax Remover 20 lt
Armadillo Armadillo Floor Wax 20 lt
Super-Surf Laundry Detergent 20 lt
Super-Surf 55 Laundry Detergent (drum) 55 gal
Envy Laundry Detergent 20 lt
Soil Buster Laundry Break 20 lt
D-Con Break Laundry Break (drum) 55 gal
Super Soft Laundry Softener 20 lt
Neutra-Soft Soft/Sour Combo 20 lt
Chlorine Chlorine Bleach 12% 20 lt
Chlorine 205 Chlorine Bleach 12% (drum) 205 lt
Sur-Sour Laundry Sour 20 lt
Rustaway Rust Removing Sour 20 lt
Orbit All-In-One Laundry Detergent 20 lt
Complete Solid Deter/Bleach/Softener 4x5 lb
Vanish Enzyme Laundry Pre-Spotter 12x1 lt
Lowsuds Powder Laundry Detergent 22.7 kg
Rieke Pump Drum Pump 8oz. Tolco/Rieke Each
Spray Bottle Bottle with Trigger Complete Each
Hand Soap Dispenser Dispenser (manual pour) Each
Foam Soap Dispenser Dispenser (cartridge) Each
No Touch Dispenser Dispenser, Automatic Each
T-Cell Dispenser Dispenser, Air Freshener Each