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Laundry Products
Orbit All-In-One Detergent
All-In-One concentrated detergent contains non-ionic surfactants, emulsifying agents, optical brighteners and color safe oxygen bleach. Safe for synthetic and natural fibers, provides superior results. One product does it all.
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Soil Buster
Soil Buster Laundry Break is a blend of heavy-duty alkaline builders, sequestering and soil suspending agents that release soils while preventing re-depositing on fabric.
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Neutra Soft
Highly effective fabric softener and neutralizer that provides for an acceptable pH range of finished linen preventing irritation to the skin. Aids in the removal of iron and lime which cause graying and yellowing of linen.
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Low Suds
Low Suds Laundry Powder – an institutional strength detergent with extreme whitening power. Provides outstanding stain removal properties.
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Envy Liquid Detergent
A concentrated liquid detergent containing specific soil suspending agents and optical brighteners, emulsifies greasy soils and is highly effective.
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Super Soft
Static reducing fabric softener, which adds a smooth, silky finish to fabric. Helps to shorten laundry cycle time by reducing extracting and drying time.
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Specially formulated concentrate softener that provides self-sanitizing and residual bacteriostatic activity against odor causing Gram positive and Gram negative organisms. Inhibits growth of bacteria in diapers and wet bed linens. Softens to eliminate chafing and static cling.
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Sur Sour
Is designed to completely neutralize linen to an acceptable pH level. Reduces rejects by aiding in the removal of residual alkalai and mineral deposits such as lime and iron.
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