Freedom PlanFreedom Plan

The Magic White Freedom Program is simple and economical and it includes:
  • A high quality dish or glass washing machine
  • Pre-Rinse tabling with Pre-rinse nozzle (if required)
  • Clean exit tabling
  • Booster heater (if required)
  • All detergent, rinse-aid, and sanitizer
  • Monthly automatic free delivery
  • Preventative maintenance service monthly
  • Emergency on Demand Service for all of the above equipment including parts & labour, 7 days per week
For one monthly fixed fee! Your personnel can operate with the assurance that there will be no major interruption in service, or chemical delivery and above all there will never be any added maintenance cost to upset your budget.
Streamline your costs more effectively with the exclusive Magic White Freedom Plan, let a Magic White representative show you how.

LaundryGuaranteed Ice

When ice is an important part of your food and beverage operation, your Magic White representative is an expert in sizing the correct ice machine for your needs.
Magic White will provide the machine, install it, and maintain it, all for one low monthly fee.When there is a breakdown, Magic White will provide replacement ice from out plant, or pay for the purchase of ice while the Magic White technician makes his repairs. A continuous supply of ice: That is the Magic White guarantee.


Magic White can customize a laundry program for any size of laundry operation
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Country Clubs
Our quality laundry chemicals will ensure clean, sanitized linens at all times. Call your Magic White representative for details.