About Us
AboutMagic White Inc. is the oldest and largest Canadian independently owned ware washing company serving the foodservice and hospitality industry with quality products and state of the art equipment. Established in 1952 simply named “Magic White”, its business consisted of selling chlorine bleach predominately to shirt laundries. In 1973 with the advent of low-temperature dish washers Magic White was incorporated and changed its focus to providing dish machines and detergents to the foodservice and hospitality industry. Under its current ownership that goes back to 1984, Magic White Inc. has become a leader in the industry and has grown beyond Ontario to serve all of Canada.

Currently serving over 3,200 foodservice, hospitality and health care facilities, our team of trained personnel work on over 4,500 pieces of equipment owned by the company, and many different makes and models owned by our customers, this includes dish washers, glass washers, booster heaters, pre-rinse tables, faucets and ice machines.

All service personnel are qualified and fully-trained to service all types of ware washing equipment, in the proper dosages of all chemical products and the use of all sanitation monitors to ensure that all Magic White customers meet all Health Code Regulations. Service personnel are sanitation professionals that are dressed in clean Magic White attire at all times, they carry cell communication and their vehicles are equipped with the Trackem GPS system.

Our experienced chemists have the ability to create specialty products and create or blend a custom sanitation program designed to suit any need. Let us know how we can be of service to you by contacting any member of our team.